Faux Mink Volume Extension Cluster Lashes – Medium



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  • Experience a softer, fluffier, multi-dimensional look with V-Luxe Extension Fishtail to create the most stunning and unique salon extension look.
  • DIY Lash Extension Look, Flat root for easy application, Fishtail shape pre-made fanned volume.
  • A soft, fluffy, and multi-dimensional finish is the signature feature of the Extension Mermaid design.
  • For best results, use iENVY Individual Lash Adhesive.

1. Using tweezers, gently remove a cluster lash starting from the head of the lash. Make sure to grab the ENTIRE upper part of the lash.

2. Dip the cluster lash's head into iEnvy's semi-permanent individual eyelash adhesive.

3. Place each cluster lash as close to your natural lash line as possible, space out each cluster lash to achieve your desired look.